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Your dream floors are possible with carpet

Carpet is stacked with benefits that will never leave you regretting your decision to choose them. From inviting warmth to gorgeous designer appeal, you will always find the atmosphere you’re looking for carpet flooring. Better still, it has practical benefits such as creating heat retention for money savings, and noise reduction for a more peaceful atmosphere.

Carpet Mart has offered family style service from our Ashtabula, Ohio showroom for more than 30 years. With one of the most well stocked showrooms in the area, we are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need and want, and then installing it for you as well. We are proud to service the areas of Ashtabula, Geneva, Conneaut, Madison, and Andover, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Stop in and see us at our showroom today, and we will get your flooring experience started right away.

Carpet is more versatile than you thought

Aside from basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens, carpet is really a feasible floor covering for any room. The variety you have in designs, colors, and patterns makes it complementary to nearly any decor scheme, and you can even switch up, from room to room, for even more variety.

For many homeowners, the possibility of set in stains is the most pressing issue with this material, and rightly so. No one wants unsightly carpet or dingy flooring in their home. That’s why you’ll really enjoy the option to choose a flooring that has stain resistance built right into the fibers. This means no more set in stains, and the protection will never be lost due to repeated professional cleanings. You’ll enjoy easy-to-clean carpet for years to come.

This flooring has always been like an added safety feature with regard to elderly people and small children. The fact is, falls often happen in these groups, and serious injury can be a result of those falls. Carpet, however, goes a long way in providing a surface that reduces the situations in which falls occur. Even if they do, serious injury is often avoided due to a softer landing.

Allergy sufferers should be sure to ask about hypoallergenic products in this line. With fibers created to hold allergens and render them harmless, you’ll be sure to feel better right away once these floors are installed.

Amazing selection

Carpet comes in many variations. Our staff is prepared to assist you in finding the right carpet for any room in your home. As a Mohawk ColorCenter dealer, Carpet Mart is able to draw on the 125 year history of Mohawk Industries. As you will learn, Mohawk has been synonymous with high quality, skilled craftsman, and cutting edge features for many years. This program can assist you in visualizing your room with several different carpeting options. At Carpet Mart , we guarantee you will find a carpet that both you and your home will fall in love with!

Tips for choosing your perfect carpet

  1. What room will the carpet will be going into. Will it be a bedroom, family room, children’s room, or basement?
  2. Do you have children or pets? If yes, what type of pets and how large are they?
  3. What is your style preference? Traditional, contemporary, transitional, victorian?
Luxury carpet in Ashtabula, OH from Carpet Mart
After you answer the first few questions, you can begin looking at the styles of carpet that interest you. There are six types to choose from, within each type, there are many colors and patterns that are available. From sophisticated patterned carpet, to luxurious plush twists, Carpet Mart has something for you. Be sure to check out our Types of Carpet page to find out more.

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