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Choosing hardwood flooring for your home’s floors

No one can deny the timeless elegance that solid hardwood floors can add to any home. The lifespan alone is a reason many homeowners choose this flooring, but there are plenty more benefits to this material. Durability, stability, and variety in options are some of them, and we’re going to talk more about that. The fact is, an educated flooring decision is the best one you can make. And we can help with that.

Carpet Mart has been serving customers from our family operated showroom in Ashtabula, Ohio, for more than 30 years. In that time, we have developed a true dedication to complete customer satisfaction. You’ll recognize the difference as you stop in for a visit. We are proud to serve the areas ofAshtabula, Geneva, Conneaut, Madison, and Andover, and we’d love the opportunity to serve you too. Stop in anytime to allow us to help you get your flooring experience started.

What to know about hardwood options

Your first option will primarily be determined by the amount of traffic in the spaces for which you’re looking for a floor covering. Species selection offers choices in dense woods that are very hard, all the way to soft woods such as pine. In busy rooms such as kitchens and living rooms, you’ll want to choose a harder species, to be able to get the absolute best lifespan possible.

The decor already present in your home will have a lot to do with the stain color you choose. Some woods, such as cherry, have a color all their own that you may not be interested in covering up. In these cases, a clear coat is suggested, that will allow the true color to shine through. On the other hand, very dark stains are also available, as is every imaginable stain color in between.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Geneva, OH from Carpet Mart
To finish off your perfect hardwood floor, you’ll need a perfect finish. Many homeowners are opting for something a little different from the often used waxed glossy finish. Options such as distressed, vintage, and hand scraped finishes are being chosen for their ability to mask signs of aging and wear and tear. They show fewer scrapes and scratches and can even help put more time between refinishing projects. This is a great way to get the most out of your wood floors.

Be sure to ask your flooring specialist why we only suggest professional installation for this flooring material.

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